Welcome to Cream Puff World "A Taste of Europe"

Legacy of Cream Puff Mastery: 

Indulge in an unparalleled selection of cream puffs—a gastronomic symphony meticulously crafted by the Ricca family. Our menu boasts an impressive array of many cream puff varieties, each a unique testament to our commitment to tradition and innovation

A Multitude of Cream Puff Marvels: 

Dive into a world where flavors intertwine and captivate your senses. From timeless classics like velvety vanilla and decadent chocolate to daring concoctions such as tangy lemon meringue, indulgent hazelnut praline, and seasonal delights like pumpkin spice, our cream puffs promise an adventure in every bite. 

Preserving Tradition, Crafting Excellence: 

Each cream puff leaving our truck embodies the Ricca family's dedication to perfection. Handcrafted with precision and care, our pastries honor centuries-old recipes while embracing modern palates, ensuring a symphony of flavors in every delicate puff. 

Beyond Cream Puffs, European Delicacies Await: 

While our cream puffs steal the spotlight, the Cream Puff Food Truck also features an array of European pastries. Treat yourself to the richness of the Olde World Cannoli, the sophistication of éclairs, and the whimsy of profiteroles, all reminiscent of the charming streets of Europe.

Quality, Innovation, and "A Taste of Europe": 

Quality is our hallmark at the Cream Puff World Food Truck. We meticulously source premium ingredients, ensuring that every pastry reflects freshness, flavor, and the essence of European heritage. Join us as we offer you "A Taste of Europe" through our diverse and innovative cream puff offerings. 

Discover Us and Indulge in European Delights: 

Stay updated on our locations and evolving menu through our website or social media. Join us in Hammonton, NJ in Little Italy Hammonton and neighboring areas to embark on a delightful journey through the world of cream puffs crafted by the Ricca family. 

Embrace Tradition, Experience Variety: 

Whether you're a cream puff aficionado or someone seeking a taste of European pastry tradition, the Cream Puff World Food Truck invites you to relish the diversity of our cream puff offerings—one delectable variety at a time. 

Experience Cream Puff World, Taste Europe: 

Step into the Cream Puff World Food Truck and savor the essence of European pastry mastery, where each pastry encapsulates the Ricca family's passion for bringing "A Taste of Europe" to Hammonton, NJ.

The founder and family of Cream Puff World:

Tom Ricca (founder) and family have been creating the finest European bakery products for decades with generations of family baking and farming from Sicily, Italy and other Europen areas. Tom Ricca, is known as Tony Ricca former WWE Superstar and Hall of Fame Professional Wrestler. Tom is also the founder of Cannoli World, LLC, Ricca's Pastries, Ricca's European Pastries, AKW Arena Kaged Wrestling and Women's Championship Wrestling. Tom's son Thomas Jr. is the managing member of Cream Puff World LLC and Cannoli World LLC. Tom's wife Mary Jo Ricca and daughter Gabriella Ricca are also part of the family tradition. Tom brought insights to the companies he founded from years of learning as a child of the baking and business trade. He credits his father Cosimo Ricca, mother Dolores Ricca, siblings and many bakers for much of the crafted skills needed to create the successes in the journey taken. Cream Puff World is a continued part for A Taste of Europe.

All Orders need to be placed by calling us and talking to a sales associate at least one day before pick-up at our storefront. Our products are made to order. Walk-ins at our storefront during regular business hours are welcomed to place an order. However, depending on the specific product, if available, it could take up to two hours for an order to be completed as products are made to order. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you.

Call us to place an order one day prior for pick-up at our storefront during our regular business hours.

Orders can also be placed at least one day prior for pick-up during the week outside of our normal business hours.

 Ask us about our Cream Puff World Food Truck, Trailers, Carts and all Cream Puff World units.

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